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Do you want to lose weight fast and eat till you’re full? I just started the Potato Diet. I am currently on day 4. I’ve lost over 3 pounds (average of 1 pound a day.) Check out these books for more: Spud Fit & The Potato Hack. It’s not water weight that I’m losing either. I’m eating 0 fat and losing only fat! I was doing The Starch Solution and losing weight (slow but steady) but seeing how Summer is coming fast, I thought I’d kick it up a notch. 

It’s actually easier than I thought. I didn’t think I could do it without ketchup or something, but I’m fine. I eat when I’m hungry – which is key so I don’t get hungry and grab something else to eat, and I like potatoes anyway.

Click: Healthy Recipes

So you’re like me and you want to be skinnier and healthy. I mentioned in my Lyme blog that I was starting Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution as of Feb. 2018. I use to be a super strict vegan. I got off track with my pregnancy’s and need to get back due to health issues – and just wanting to make better choices again.


Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Eating Tasty Comfort Foods You Love  Click here to visit Potato Strong. 


I have one word for you – Starch – eat it! Go online and grab you a copy of The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall.  John A. McDougall, MD, has authored many bestselling books with his wife, Mary, and is featured in the documentary and book Forks Over Knives. He  cares for patients and teachers medical doctors and students at his place in California, to avoid drugs and surgery by using foods alone to cure and combat disease and illness.

His book is amazing!!! Simple, informative, full of recipes and information to equip you to battle the bulge forever! EAT ALL YOU WANT.  STOP COUNTING CALORIES.  ENJOY CARBS AGAIN. Trust me, buy The Starch Solution. I am super happy I did. I watched many of his videos, visited many sites (like the ones below) to help me learn more and start, but having his book is the best thing to knowing why eating starch is healthy and how you can lose weight eating a plate full of mash-potatoes.

Will, the webmaster for Potato Strong  lost 20160525_155223-4over 35 pounds, lowered his cholesterol from ‘off the charts’ to 112 mg/dL and lowered his blood pressure from 145/85 down to 105/65.

It is a vegan lifestyle which avoids oils (liquid fat) and allows you to eat till you’re content  – with carbs (grains, starchy foods) being your biggest item on the plate. It sounds against the grain compared to every one else, but it does work. It’s not hard either, you don’t starve yourself and it’s super affordable.

Why Olive Oil Is Not Healthy for Your Heart

If you google the Starch Solution you may come across High Carb Hannah.

High Carb Hannah @ Raw Till Whenever

She has some good-looking cookbooks that I plan on getting; as well as Will from Potato Strong. I tend to forget how to cook anything lately, so I really need help with meal planning.

You can google and find fat-free recipes for crock-pots, insta-pots – whatever the medium its online. Even air frying. Which I so want to try!

I am currently using Dr. McDougalls foods to help with meals (microwavable cups) – as I am too tired to prepare a proper meal sometimes (with Lyme.) You can read more about that in my Lyme Disease post.

The McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Diet  – video


So Back in the day I went vegan and lost weight without even exercising. I felt better, my thinking was clearer and I had more energy. This is why I want to go back. If you are interested Dr. McDougall has lots of videos you can watch or books to read. You can flip through The China Study or a number of other sources online to help.

I also went through the C.H.I.P. program which really helped me get started many years ago. They do classes across the globe. Check it out!

Good luck. Remember you are what you eat 😉 Healthy or fatty.

And don’t be a vegan Jerk!

Great videos by Professor Walter Veith:

Your health your choice

Sitting on the Time Bomb 

Health and Happiness 

Udderly Amazing

I love this guy. I binged watch all his videos. They are absolutely amazing! You can purchase the videos at Amazing Discoveries if you don’t have the internet to watch online, like me :(.

Life in the Fast Lane

If you just can’t go vegan then I would try a version of Trim Healthy Mamma (though they shy away from carbs.) They have a great little plan and only eat clean meats. I use them for desserts and glean from some of their recipes. But you will still have to watch your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

–You wont ever catch me saying meat is gross LOL. I’m from Texas. I would eat barbecued meat everyday if it were healthy. But I’m just personally convicted that I should do my best to eat more of a whole food diet. —


Fasting. The bible talks about prayer and fasting; which go hand in hand. But did you know there is scientific evidence that it actually works for our good?

Water-Only Fasting Can Help The Body To Fight Off Disease

Top 10 Reasons Why Fasting Heals

I try to fast at least a couple of times a month. But you have to prepare yourself for it. I drink water and tea only during my fasts. I do not take any herbs or any pills during my fasting. I let the body take care of itself, and rest from all the other forms of healing (herbs etc.) You do not have to fast only on liquid, you can fast from fats, or only eat raw foods. Juice fasts are also a good choice. Have you seen Fat Sick & Nearly Dead? 

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss”

  1. Hi Crystal, we are now on an all Vegan diet. Love it!!! Had to do something to reboot my health. Was sick for 2+ months. Had to reboot my immune system. Lost weight (so have the girls). Feel great. Binged on watching several documentaries on Netflix all based on plant based diets including the China Study. Best wishes on getting a reboot on your immune system. I don’t think I could ever go back now that I know what I know.


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