No hugging: are we living through a crisis of touch?


I currently have a good amount of Tortured for Christ books. If you are interested in getting one mailed to you for FREE just send me a quick message with all the info and it will be sent right out. No strings attached.

This book was so powerful in my life. I wanted to share the experience with you!

About the book: The book is written by Richard Wurmbrand – an minister who endured 14 years of Communist imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Romania. He is widely recognized there as one of the country’s greatest Christian leaders, authors and educators. He stood up to the Russian government when everyone else was too afraid to. After being set free he formed the underground church (along with the help of his wife Sabina) and eventually made his way to America to spread the truth about Communism. He then started the ministry now called The Voice of the Martyrs.

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand March 24, 1909–February 17, 2001


Tortured for Christ — The Movie is confirmed to show in more than 120 theaters across the country. Coming out March 5th! See if it’ll be near you – TFC Movie 

Another 100+ theaters are close to confirming, with an average of only 25 tickets needed to confirm the event! If you have not yet purchased your tickets for the Tortured for Christ movie, please do so now and let the theater in your area know that you want the movie to show. These theaters will commit to show the movie only if a minimum number of tickets are sold.

As theaters sell out, they will continue to expand to a larger theater or add show times. So, if your local theater is sold out, check back soon!

And remember, VOM will send a free copy of the new 50th Anniversary Edition of the book Tortured for Christ to everyone who orders tickets online.

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