The Tea Knapper

Hello all,

So I’ve started my own business… again. ;D Instead of a brick and motor store I will focus on eCommerce only. I have so many remedy’s I use and make for my household and those I help others with; that I decided to share the love.

And thus, The Tea Knapper was born. I will be selling quality CBD products on my Ebay store at first ( they will be in next week 05/23. ) If you read my Lyme blog you will have noticed I mention CBD oils for pain relief. It  has been said to help with anxiety, mental alertness and better sleep. So I decided to start with that product first. I found a great company who is one of the ONLY one LEGAL in ALL 50 states. They also pride themselves on health, and are not just selling CBD because it’s the in hip thing right now. Their products are focused on such.

My next endevour will be making certain herbal and health kits. Things that I have used; like a herbal first aid kit and so on…

I am also currently working on one of my favorite idea’s. CUSTOM MADE ORGANIC CRIB BEDDING SETS!!! Why am I so excited about this idea – because my awesomely talented daughter is the artist for each crib set. From the blankets to the stuffed animals! These sets are going to be amazing! They will be posted here and on my ETSY page when open ( The Tea Knapper ), so keep your eye out!

So there you have it. I am turning all my knowledge and experience into purchasable kits for you to share and enjoy. And hey, if there is something you really want, let me know!


C ya & God Bless!!!

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