Dealing with Lyme

cayenne-tick-tick-male-dorsal-view-45850.jpegSo I have Lyme… I hate it, as does anyone else who has it. It’s draining it sucks and there is nothing you can do to prevent it – except move to where these little buggers don’t live!!! Alaska here I come.

BOILING POINT: Lyme Disease & Chronic Immune Dysfunction 


I’ve had it for 9 months now. I remember the bite that caused it and I even took pictures documenting the bite just in case it was Lyme – which is was. But as many know, doctors don’t know much about it, nor is it even easy to get a proper diagnosis for it. It’s so bad here that if you come in with only 2 ticks attached to you, you’re like  “Oh, I only have 2 ticks on me.”

I ask myself why do I live here everyday. Even Lewis and Clark complained about the ticks here in Missouri way back when. It’s an interesting story on how Lyme disease came about. Google it.

How my symptoms first started: The bite mark did leave a rash that grew to the size of about a softball. I applied a charcoal and clay poultice on it for a month. I think this helped it to stop spreading. I forgot about it and went on with my life. Then I started having heart problems, until I ended up in the emergency room one night thinking this was it, this is the end…

I have had 5 heart attacks, but that last one was terrible. I take cayenne every time. It works to stop the heart attack; and it did, but oh that last one took it’s time. I only had capsules – a tincture is the best thing to use normally. I started opening those capsules and dumping them in my mouth like a madwomen. But I could feel it getting worse, much worse than before. I told my hubby and off we zoomed to the hospital. As I stand there grasping my heart I realized how many people die in hospitals. So many questions and filling out of paperwork. I could barely stand, talk or breath. Tick tock – stand and wait. If I hadn’t downed all the cayenne I know I would have died. And of course now I have a huge bill for sitting in a cold room. I didn’t even get a glass of water or any medication.

heart attack
Cayenne boosts circulation. Perfect health depends on perfect circulation.

The doctor looked at me and said “You’re young and healthy” and that “It was probably just back pain issues causing tingling fingers” (insert unamuzed emoji.) I didn’t have tingling fingers, but whatever. I told him my concerns about my bite and showed him my bite – which was already going away. I also showed him the pictures I took. Nothing. Nope. “Couldn’t be Lyme” he said. “You’re young and healthy, you would have flu like symptoms.” Ugh. It had been a while since the bite. I did feel bad – all. the. time. Anyways, I digress.

I ended up getting blood work and seeing a natural doctor. Blood work had a false negative – as they almost always do (Lyme disease likes to hide) but all my symptoms matched.

My Symptoms progressed to: debilitating fatigue, tremendous brain fog (turmeric/curcumin really helped with this), aching all over, burning and tingling in my feet, skin rashes, joint pain, chest pain, heart attacks & palpitations, mood changes, and poor sleep. For a while my brain fog was so bad I had to ask my daughter what her name was.

I was trained as an EMT, studied complementary alternative medicine at ACHS and have several certificates in preventive and correcting health and diseases through diet; so when I run to the hospital, you know it’s bad – I prefer to self treat when at all possible.

Check out these links:

Young people, Lyme and heart problems

Is it your heart or lyme?

I can’t find the site I read way back when, but it talked about when Lyme first came about the state noticed a high number of new heart patients.

 So what am I doing for it?

Herbs and diet. Herbs and diet. They go hand and hand. You can’t heal without both – including spiritual. You have to watch the stress!!! Every diet regimen I read says go vegan. Why? We already have so much pain and inflammation going on in our bodies, so we need to make sure we don’t make it worse. This is why you cut dairy – it is the biggest cause of inflammation in the body.

Don’t forget about fasting either. It has a profound healing effect on the body. Click my Weight Loss for more:

I also periodically used herbs I found from


Cowden protocol

UprootingLyme – Great website


I wish I could afford the RAWLS protocol… but I can’t.  Here is my herb list: Thyme, Fenugreek, Astragalus root, Sage, Prickly Ash, Penny Royal, Boneset, Turmeric, Garlic Oil, Aloe, and CBD Oil.

It is all helping. But I still have my good days and bad days. I really like my good days. I think winter makes it worse. No sun and no fresh air makes me a crazy girl.

I have just switched my diet over to a healthy no-oil, fat free vegan diet (Dr. Mc Dougall’s ‘The Starch Solution‘). Sounds crazy to most I know, but I use to be a super strict, up tight vegan. Now I am just steady. Diet is our own thing, and we should never push or judge if others chose something different from what we choose (unless they choose to eat people.)

Before I started back to my old diet ways, I read a blog about Lyme and nutrisystem. So I tried it, and it did help. It was nice to have my meals all laid out for me, because some days I just can’t cook. I tried it for a month. You can buy it at in 5-7 day kits. I didn’t like that I nuked everything, it seemed to have sugar in every meal (which caused my candida to go mad crazy) and it’s ingredient lists were as large as the package. I did lose 8 pounds though – but I was also hangry (hungry + angry) most of the time.

Now Im just eating natural foods (as grown), when I’m hungry is awesome. I’m losing weight, feeling better and not starving all the time. But the awesome part is Dr. McDougall has a food line in cups (Cup of Food) just like Nutrisystem. I am using those for when I am too lazy or tired to cook up a meal. I just make a big batch of rice and heat it up to add to my cup meals; which are actually a good size portion. I really like the split pea soup. MMMMMmmmm. I get mine from Iherb and Vitacost. Vitacost has more varieties. Or you can just go straight his site Right Foods, and choose from all variety’s.

So it’s still a work in progress, as am I. But for some reason I am going through this. I don’t want to, but I have hope I will come out of this victorious – with another story to share.

I hope this can help someone. I added links to help you find “how to” and see to what I am using.

I Pray for all of those suffering from Lyme. I think it’s infected more people than many realize… We’re in this together. Let’s just blame Plum Island <— I know I am.

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